Trip Report- Sandals Antigua

During this time of COVID-19 we realize that not everyone is ready to travel.  Please consider all information given is for information purposes only and the decision to travel should be based on your experience and health in mind.

In late January one of our agents, Autumn Westfall, had the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean island of Antigua to visit the Sandals property there.  Here is her trip report:

How was it to travel under current conditions? I haven’t traveled internationally since Covid started. I found it easier than I thought  it would be to travel. 

What was the process you went through to go to Antigua? For Antigua, I had to present a negative Covid test within 72 hours before my flight. I had to present it at the airport before I was able to check in for my flight. Then again at the airport when I arrived in Antigua. I also filled out a health questionnaire on the flight. (Since this trip the US has started to require a negative test result to return to the US).

What were your first impressions of the Sandals resort in Antigua? My first impression of the resort was how grateful the employees of Sandals were to have us there. The resort was beautiful and clean and many protocols were put in place to make you feel safe traveling during a pandemic.

Top three favorite features at the resort? The view, plenty of restaurants and bars and great entertainment at night.

How was the food? The food was excellent. My favorite restaurant was Barefoot by the Sea where I had lobster and shrimp for dinner along with a wonderful watermelon martini.

How was the beach? The beach is stunning. The resort is located on Dickensen Bay, one of the best beaches in Antigua.

Top three tips for traveling during COVID-19? Use a travel agent, make sure you have insurance and do your research concerning testing information.