Agency Fees

Agency Fees as of January 1, 2021

We have implemented the following agency fees:  

Air Ticketing:

  • Domestic $40 per ticket
  • International $50 per ticket
  • Change/Cancellation Fee $20 per ticket
  • Tickets using coupon, voucher, refund, exchange, or points $40 (domestic), $50 (international)
  • Separate air with package $25 per ticket
  • Upgrade of seats $10 per person

Hotel, Car and Rail without air or package $15

Package Fee for All-inclusive and Cruises (without pre/post tours)

  • $25 per person 
  • $25 per person cancelation fee
  • No fee for air if booked as a package
  • No fee for pre/post tour hotels and cars if booked as a package

Planning Fees for Fully Individual Trips (FIT)

  • Tier #1- includes a 1-hour consultation with an advisor and a researched itinerary option based on preferences in the consultation.  You will receive a detailed itinerary with maps, hyperlinks, and all recommended travel details.  You can choose to make reservations and plans based on the itinerary.  Starts at $150.00 for a 3-7 day trip depending on the destination and detail required.
  • Tier #2- Includes tier #1 consultation and itinerary and the advisor makes all the arrangements and reservations.  Rate per hour $25.
  • Tier #3- Unlimited advice and planning for a 7-day trip $450 and $25 per day for every day after 7 days.  
  • If planning a pre/post FIT tour for a cruise or escorted tour the planning charge is $25 per FIT day. 

All fees are charged at the time of consultation/booking and are non-refundable.